Molecularspray Online Store

While it doesn’t make much sense to sell our ultra-high vacuum compatible electrospray deposition sources through an online store like this – they’re over most institution’s credit card limit for one thing – but we can offer a quick and simple way to order electrospray consumables and components. Here in the online store you’ll (eventually) find electrospray emitters, gas-tight syringes, PEEK fittings, entrance capillaries, a few other thing you might need and sometimes even ex-demo valves and pumps. We understand that not every institution can buy online, so if this applies to you and there’s something here that you want, just email us at and we will send you a quote so you can raise a purchase order.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery, which will be calculated at checkout. The store is still being developed and to start with we only sell to the UK, France and Germany. For all other countries please go through the main Molecularspray site.

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