Coupling Tee & Bellows

Stage 2 of the UHV4 series electrospray deposition systems can be pumped using the backing pump of the turbo on Stage 3 under most circumstances. Our coupling tee & bellows simply provides a way to connect the two pumping lines together so that only two scroll pumps and one turbo are required in total for the UHV4i series. Supplied with clamps and gaskets.

Why does this work? Well, the pressure in Stage 1 bares the brunt of the gas-load and this section is typically around 1 mbar – a bit too high to back a turbo. But because of the differential pumping, the pressure in Stage 2 is only about 0.1 mbar so if you have a turbo that is happy to be backed by this pressure then you can couple Stage 2 to the backing port of the turbo.

from £201+VAT