MV5 ultra-portable high voltage power supply

from £1,295+VAT

We’ve been making electrospray high voltage power supplies since 2008 and our latest offering is the ultra-compact MV5 series. The MV5 is designed with both portable and lab-based electrospray deposition in mind. Probably the smallest electrospray high voltage power supply available, it is housed in a robust aluminium case that can fit almost anywhere around even the most complex UHV system. The MV5 comes with a 1.5 m cable to attach directly to the head of the UHV4 electrospray deposition system. Simply connect the cables, select the voltage at any value up to 5kV, switch on and spray.

Most electrospray deposition applications use a positive bias on the emitter to spray positive ions, which is supplied by the MV5+. A negative version (MV5-) is also available for spraying negative ions. Both units can also be used to bias ion optics elements such as deflection plates and Einzel lenses.

On the rear of the unit there is an additional output signal to enable the voltage to be read externally (0-5 V), and rubber feet on the underside to stop it slipping around and to allow mulitple units to be stacked. Pocket-sized power with no compromise on performance.

Technical specifications of the MV5

Input voltage: 85 to 264 VAC

Output voltage: 0 to 5000 VDC (positive for MV5+ and negative for MV5-)

Output current: 1 mA(max)

Ripple & noise : <500 mV

Operating temperature : -10 to +50 °C

Case dimensions: 127 mm x 78 mm x 27 mm

Conforms to low voltage directive (2006/95/EC)/EN61010-1: 2001

Stock prognosis

The MV5+ positive supply currently has good stock levels and short lead times.

The MV5- negatvie supply currently has good stock levels and short lead times.