Electrospray consumables

We offer a range of electrospray consumables for maintaining or upgrading our deposition sources. These include electrospray emitters, syringes with modified fittings, syringe pumps, high voltage connections, polymer tubing, molecular beam skimmers, and custom vacuum flanges.

Modular sources

Our UHV4i-series forms the base unit of all our electrospray deposition sources and systems. The modular design of this base allows you to tailor the source to fit the experimental requirements. The inlet can be upgraded to a heated capillary for example to aid in the desolation of the plume. … Read MoreModular sources

Bespoke solutions

For those experiments that require an electrospray source but not necessarily for the deposition of molecules and nanoparticles on surfaces held in vacuum, we offer a bespoke design service. Let us know your requirements and we can tailor our technology to match.